FAQ: What Is The Meaning Of Apn Number?

Is APN the parcel number?

A parcel number, abbreviated as APN (Assessor Parcel Number), is a unique descriptor used to identify assessed property within Pinal County.

What is a APN number used for?

What is an assessor’s parcel number (APN)? An assessor’s parcel number is a series of fourteen numbers/digits that are used as a file number to inventory or identify property. The first three numbers of the series are used to identify the map book the real property is located in.

Is APN the same as parcel?

Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) – The APN identifies the property. Parcel Number – The last 3 digits in the APN represent the “Parcel”. Lot – Typically a Parcel of subdivided land will be comprised of a “Lot” of a given “Tract”. Lot Lines – Lot Lines indicate the boundaries of the “Lot”.

What does APN stand for parcel?

BASICS. Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs) are unique identifiers designed to help the Assessor, Tax Collector, other government agencies and property owners track each parcel.

How do I find my APN?

The assessor’s parcel number is usually located near your name and address at the top of the page. It may also appear on the payment voucher or tear-off portion of the bill that you return with your payment. It is often denoted as the assessor’s parcel number, the APN or, simply, the parcel number.

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Is APN unique?

Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) is a unique number assigned to real property by the tax assessor of the property’s jurisdiction. The APN is useful for record-keeping and is often used in valuation assignments to identify the subject property.

What is an APN on a SIM card?

An Access Point Name (APN) provides all the details that your device needs to connect to mobile data. If you are setting up a new device or putting your SIM card into a device for the first time, your network operator should send you their APN details in a configuration message.

Is APN and tax ID the same?

Parcel Number – The Parcel Number or Local Number is the same as the Tax ID Number assigned by the Assessor’s Office. It is shown on your tax bill and used by the Treasurer’s Office in identifying your tax payment for that particular parcel.

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