Often asked: What Does Compatible Number Mean?

What are some examples of compatible numbers?

Some examples of compatible numbers when doing addition are 225 and 75, 298 and 2, and 540 and 60. Some examples of compatible numbers when doing subtraction are 435 and 25, 800 and 600, and 5986 and 2986. When estimating, keep in mind that we are not claiming the answer will be exact.

What is compatible numbers 3rd grade?

Compatible numbers are numbers that are easy to work with mentally, such as parts of 10. By third grade, students can also quickly answer 80 + 20 or 100 – 20 by recognizing compatible numbers.

What is the difference between rounding and compatible numbers?

Compatible Numbers – Definition with Examples We can round the numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand or ten thousand to make them compatible numbers. For instance, if we have to add 493 and 549, we can make the numbers compatible by rounding them up to the nearest tens or hundreds.

Is rounding and estimating the same thing?

Rounding and estimating are math strategies used for approximating a number. To estimate means to make a rough guess or calculation. To round means to simplify a known number by scaling it slightly up or down. Rounding is a type of estimating.

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Is a compatible number?

Compatible numbers are pairs of numbers that are easy to add, subtract, multiply, or divide mentally. When using estimation to approximate a calculation, replace actual numbers with compatible numbers. The numbers 500 and 300 are compatible for addition, since the sum of 800 can be easily calculated mentally.

What is a compatible fraction?

Round the whole number to the closest compatible number to the denominator. Compatible numbers are numbers that are close in value to the real number that would make it easier to find an estimate calculation. You can round the whole number to a number that is compatible to the denominator of the fraction, 3.

How do you use compatible numbers to estimate division?


  1. Compatible numbers are numbers that are close to the numbers they’re replacing that divide evenly into each other.
  2. The quotient is the result you get when you divide.
  3. 56,000 is pretty close to 55,304.
  4. 800 is pretty close to 875, AND it divides evenly into 56,000.

When you adjust one number and change another number in the problem to make a computation easier you use?

Compensation is a mental math strategy for multi-digit addition that involves adjusting one of the addends to make the equation easier to solve.

What is the number sentence?

In mathematics education, a number sentence is an equation or inequality expressed using numbers and mathematical symbols. The term is used in primary level mathematics teaching in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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