Quick Answer: What Does The Number After Ddr4 Mean?

What do the 4 numbers after DDR4 mean?

The numbers represent the speed of the RAM. The higher the number the faster the ram, for the most part. If you are contemplating building your first PC, don’t worry about RAM too much. It can speed up your computer to have faster RAM, but for the most part, just get what your CPU specifies. ie DDR4-2400 is common.

What do the numbers in RAM mean?

The memory timings are given through a series of numbers; for instance, 4-4-4-8, 5-5-5-15, 7-7-7-21, or 9-9-9-24. These numbers indicate the amount of clock cycles that it takes the memory to perform a certain operation. The smaller the number, the faster the memory.

What does the 3200 mean in DDR4 3200?

Memory being sold that is rated for 3200 just means it was certified and tested to run at that speed. It’s not guaranteed, however, and is still technically overclocked. This is not specific to the board you’re looking at either.

Is DDR4 or 5 better?

DDR5 is going to be better than DDR4 in pretty much every different aspect. Most notably, DDR5 will have a higher bandwidth with reduced latency, all whilst consuming less power than DDR4. It will also allow us to have greater RAM capacity, and therefore a much more powerful laptop or computer.

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Is 32GB RAM overkill?

Is 32GB overkill? In general, yes. The only real reason an average user would need 32GB is for future proofing. As far as just simply gaming goes, 16GB is plenty, and really, you can get by just fine with 8GB.

Is DIMM and DDR4 the same?

Physically, a DDR4 module, or dual in-line memory module (DIMM), looks very similar to a DDR3 DIMM. However, DDR4 has 288 pins compared with DDR3’s 240 pins; DDR4 SO-DIMMS have 260 pins instead of 204 in DDR3.

Is cl16 better than cl18?

The CL number is how many clock cycles the RAM spends refreshing the data. At the same speed lower is better. But as speed increases so does the latency (CL). The effect on overall performance will be very small.

What are the 4 numbers on RAM?

The timing of modern synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) is commonly indicated using four parameters: CL, TRCD, TRP, and TRAS in units of clock cycles; they are commonly written as four numbers separated with hyphens, e.g. 7-8-8-24.

Can I use 1333MHz and 1600MHz RAM together?

You can, both sticks will run at 1333MHz. As long as your motherboard supports more than 8gb of RAM, which most of them do.

Is 3600mhz better than 3200?

And even though a 3600 MHz RAM is obviously faster than a 3200 MHz one, storage capacity triumphs over speed when it comes to improving efficiency and performance. We have also given you two RAM recommendations, one for each DDR4 speed.

Is 3200 RAM fast enough?

When speaking strictly about clock times, 3200mhz is faster and slightly better than 3000mhz. However, when talking about RAM, you also need to consider other factors such as latency to see the whole picture of the RAM chip you’ll be purchasing.

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Is XMP safe?

SkyNetRising said: XMP is safe. Enable it. Performance will be impacted.

Is DDR4 obsolete?

DDR4 was released back in 2014 and we still see some gaming machines using DDR3 to this date, though it is increasingly outdated now. Similarly, DDR5 is unlikely to be widespread in most computers until late 2021, and we can expect DDR4 will still be a big chunk of the market until late 2022.

Which DDR RAM is best?

Best DDR4 RAM Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM features CAS latencies between 14 and 19 which is awesome enough, but with speeds up to 4,266, it’s almost perfect. No matter your aesthetic, it’s hard to argue with the G. Skill TridentZ RGB as the best RGB RAM.

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